MONARCH™ Tour Info

MONARCH™ is grown in an industry leading, state of the art facility located in Shelton, WA. We are excited to show you the future of indoor cultivation, but there are several things you need to know before you arrive to best prepare you for an awesome tour.

Before You Get Here…

Please do not enter another cannabis production/processing facility for a minimum 24hrs before your tour date. (Retail shops are exempt from this rule.) Have a home grow or garden? Please be sure to shower and wear fresh clothes to your tour to help eliminate the risk of pesticide/herbicide/nutrient contamination!

Finding The Facility…

The facility is located at 111 Sargison Loop, Shelton WA 98584. Upon arrival keep an eye out for a large, dark gray building and feel free to park in any non-occupied parking space. Proceed through the glass door into the office where you will find an iPad to start your check-in process.

  • It is required that all visitors sign Non-Disclosure Agreements before entering the facility.

  • Electronics are not allowed into the clean areas.

    • Visitors and staff alike are not allowed to have any outside electronics inside the clean area of the facility. You may leave your electronics inside the locker room or in your car when you arrive. Watches are permitted.

What’s Different About the MONARCH™ Grow Facility…

MONARCH™is grown in a facility that focuses on strict environmental controls and therefore has no need for pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. Cultivation is done in a completely pharmaceutical-grade environment inside of an ISO9 standard clean room to provide a higher quality, cleaner and safer product for our consumers. Upon arrival, you will need to change out of your street clothes and into the provided visitor uniforms which consist of an undershirt, crocs, scrub tops and scrub bottoms. The sizes we provide range from XS-XXL, with Crocs from size 4-13. No outside clothes are allowed inside of the clean room, including hats.

We look forward to your visit! If you have any questions please contact us at:

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