Sativa Dominant

Monarch Grow agent orange weed.png

Agent Orange

A moderately difficult to grow strain with citrus bodied aromas, and large flowering colas. Taste is a mix of citrus and earthy tones, that creeps up behind you and swells to the head to deliver a rousing effect that produces an uplifting cerebral high.

Closest Genetic Relatives: Sunset Sherbert, San Diego HawgsBreath, Grapefruit

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Monarch Grow koffee breath weed.png


Unstoppable in the grow room, with large, and aromatic colas. Flowers smell strong and are full-bodied. Medium density flowers with lots of trichomes and a classic flavor embodied by earthy tones, and a spicy aftertaste.

Closest Genetic Relatives: Dog Walker, Inception, Gnome Walker

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Indica Dominant

Monarch Grow blackberry headband weed

Blackberry Headband

High testing cross of the classic strains headband, and blackberry. Dominant headband effects include a squeezing sensation of the head followed by a relaxing high that comes on slowly.

Closest Genetic Relatives: Bubba Fett, Bubba Kush, LA Confidential

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Monarch Grow face-off OG weed

Face-Off OG

An indica dominant hybrid, with a full-bodied smoke, and smooth taste. One of a kind smell and flavor set it apart in the grow room. Classic earthy flavor and a relaxing euphoric high that relaxes you but won’t push you into a nap.

Closest Genetic Relatives: Cherry Pie, Sherbert, Cherry Cheesecake, Purple Afghanistan

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Monarch Grow Sherbert Weed


As a result of GSC crossed with hybrids, this strain is reported to be sweet in flavor. Lineage such as OG Kush, Cherry Pie, and Pink Panties ensures a potent and effective high. Accompanied by a sweet smell and taste that lightens the mood, and ensures a carefree mindset, Sherbert is a must try strain.

Closest Genetic Relatives: OGK x Tangerine

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